In name only. Differences in compounding cause the nominal rate to differ from the effective interest rate. Inflation causes the purchasing power of money to differ from one time to another. The New York Times Financial Glossary

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nominal nom‧i‧nal [ˈnɒmnl ǁ ˈnɑː-] adjective
1. nominal head/​leader etc someone who has the title of head, leader etc but does not have the normal responsibilities, powers etc of that job:

• Although he remained the nominal head of the campaign, his deputy took over responsibility for it.

2. a nominal sum of money is very small, compared to the usual amount that would be paid or charged for something:

• He charges a nominal amount for his software, enough to cover expenses.

3. ACCOUNTING a nominal figure, level etc is not the real one because something such as inflation has not been taken into account:

• While the Fed can peg the nominal federal funds rate, it cannot control the real rate ( i.e. the nominal rate minus the rate of inflation).

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   Unadjusted for inflation.
   A calculation of nominal economic growth simply adds up the total of goods and services in current cash terms and makes no adjustment for inflation, which may lead to great overstatement of the real, underlying position. ► See also Real.

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nominal UK US /ˈnɒmɪnəl/ adjective
very small, or smaller than the usual amount: »

The hotel developers will lease the land for a nominal fee .


We pay our volunteers a nominal amount.


The costs incurred to activate the new service would be nominal.

used to describe something that is said to be a particular thing, but is not actually that thing: »

Although he has retired, the company is still under his nominal control.


He regarded this responsibility as purely nominal.

ECONOMICS a nominal amount relates to prices or rates that are correct at the present time but do not show the effect of inflation: »

Merchandise imports have expanded significantly faster than world trade in both real and nominal dollar values.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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